Macaron Boxes & Packaging

Macarons have become an extremely popular dessert and gift item, making their presence at all types of events from weddings and corporate functions to birthday parties and get-togethers.

Although macarons are often beautiful within themselves, they require durable specialty macaron packaging to package, display, and ship them properly. At Meridian, we offer a wide assortment of macaron boxes, macaron paper packaging, bags, and more. Whether you’re packaging delicious macarons for an event, for your shop, or creating macaron favour boxes to give away as gifts, we have exactly what you need.

Our inventory includes a variety of options including custom macaron gift box selections, container inserts, twist end macaron box cartons and more. We carry everything you need to keep your treats fresh until they are in the hands of your friends, family, customers or other recipients.

Choosing The Perfect Macaron Boxes

There are several things you should consider when purchasing macaron boxes or other macaron packaging items. Here are a few important factors:

  • Packaging Type: There are different styles of packaging from large macaron boxes to twist end cartons and beyond. Specifically, in our inventory you will find a variety of macaron box products such as cube containers and other sized macaron boxes, clear macaron boxes, gift box bases, macaron box lids, dividers, and more. Depending on your particular need, you may prefer one type of macaron box over another.  

  • Size: It is also important to consider how many treats you will display in each macaron gift box. At MeridianSP, we make it easy to filter the selection by size so you can quickly find the perfect option - whether you’re seeking single macaron boxes or macaron favour boxes that can hold dozens of treats.

  • Design: Macarons are gifted for a variety of occasions and depending on the event, a specific design may be more appropriate. At MeridianSP, you will find an array of amazing design choices from macaron box lids with display windows to holiday-specific macaron boxes. Can’t find what you had in mind? Contact us to inquire about custom and personalized macaron boxes so your packaging can be as unique as the treats you’re putting in them!