Chocolate, Truffles, Pralines

As a true chocolate and confectionery packaging specialist, we understand what it takes to protect and present your delicious products to the best standards possible.

Our range of chocolate boxes, confectionery packaging and gift boxes of all types are suitable for pralines, fudge or chocolate and have been created over many years of serving the finest chocolatiers and confectioners in Europe.

We offer chocolate boxes of the very highest quality across all major applications: two-part gift boxes with multi-cavity vac-forme insert trays to hold your chocolates, pralines or other treats, luxury 5-ply cushion pad inserts to hold the chocolates in place and act as an odour neutral and grease resistant protective pad designed specifically for chocolate; as well as chocolate bar cartons (choc bar cartons as we call them), Easter Egg packaging including supportive plinth to hold the egg in place, ballotins (elegant gift cartons packed from the top), empty advent calendars (we also produce custom printed advent calendars so please ask), and so much more.

Use the filters on the left to refine the selection on show - that way you can quickly find exactly what you need. Or just browse our extensive range of packaging for Chocolates, Truffles, Pralines, etc.

And please note, as both a packaging stockist and the manufacturer of all our own chocolate boxes and gift boxes we can offer excellent wholesale or bulk discounts, so please ask for more detail if you are looking to buy in bulk or to re-sell our packaging.