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We are soon moving domain to

Posted by Adam Heath on 11th May 2018

We are soon moving domain to

We're moving from to

As part of our ongoing strategy to provide the very best products and services to the widest selection of quality focused customers possible we've decided to move domains.

We haven't taken this decision lightly - the impact on how easy it is to find us through the search engines will be affected for a period while the new URL becomes familiar to Google and the others - but the decision is an important one which will provide us with a strong platform for further growth...which can only mean more products, better products and better services. 

Although it will mean you might have to change some bookmarks and remember the new URL when you're looking for us (although we'll have redirects in place obviously), we hope you'll agree it's worthwhile on the basis that it will help us move forward!

Where we're moving

We're moving to although you'll also be able to reach us through some other variants and old URLs through re-directs.

Why we're moving

We're moving for several reasons. Firstly it was important at this stage of our development that we move onto a top level domain (TLD) rather than our country specific domain. Althouh we're very much a British company operating proudly within the UK, a .com domain gives us a stronger platform for international recognition by search engines. As we aim to grow both within the UK and beyond, this has become a more important issue for us.

Secondly, since we have split our online stock gift packaging shop (this site) from our corporate and custom packaging website (now moving to we felt it was important to make it clear what this website sets out to do - which is to sell stock packaging to lots of happy customers! So we felt the shop part of our new domain is an important part of the message we're trying to deliver - to distinguish between one website which offers a fantastic array of existing packaging products available on shelf for same day despatch and the other website which showcases our packaging design and manufacturing capabilities as well as giving an overview of Meridian Speciality Packaging as a business.

We're still very much one integrated company - but by splitting our products and services across these two distinct websites, we're able to focus much more closely on what matters to the different site visitors.

When we're moving

We're moving within the next 7-10 days (by the end of May).

We are NOT changing emails

All email addresses you have for us will continue to be delivered through the domain so please don't have any concerns about interrupted service - it will be business as usual with that method of communication. 

What will happen

In theory nothing much - you'll still be able to do everything you've done previously but you may simply find that a page you clicked on is now delivered through instead of the previous URL.

One thing we've had to change on a temporary basis is the site SSL (the secure encryption) which you'll notice for a short time no longer names us as a business in green on the left of the URL in your web browser. This is only a temporary change just until we've moved the site and then re-keyed the enhanced EV certificate. Your data is still as secure as ever so please don't have any concerns during this changeover period.

Also, if you notice any broken links for any reason at all, please tell us by emailing or  - this will help us deliver the highest quality of online experience which we strive to achieve.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we make this change. We value your business and your support and feedback as ever.

Adam Heath, Operations Manager, Meridian Speciality Packaging.