Sourcing the right packaging for your products

Posted by Kirsty on 24th Apr 2019

Have you ever browsed our products on the website and not really known where to begin? With over 1,800 products available it can often seem difficult to know where to start with so much choice on offer.

We understand that for many small businesses an investment in packaging is a huge commitment, this is why Meridian are proud to offer a free sample service so you can be assured of our quality before committing. When you need to know how the packaging you are purchasing looks and works with your product this is the only way to proceed

Nothing is worse than investing a lot of time and money in packaging to then realize at the end that you don’t receive what you had hoped for.

Let’s look at several reasons why it’s important to test & validate your packaging before you reach your final decision.

Testing the fit with your product-

Unless you can send your product in for the exact measurements, determining the exact dimensions for your packaging can be a bit tricky, especially for unique shaped products.

We list all our product dimensions in MM on our website but if you want to double check that your products will work with our packaging the best way is to request a sample. We are happy to send out samples for you to test if are stuck between different product types, and the best part about our service is that there is no charge. Contact us to request samples and get started on your packaging journey.

Self-assembly surprise-

Most of our packaging is supplied flat for self-assembly which we do advertise, but often it does come as a surprise to customers when they are faced with a flat box and no instructions.

The sample service is a great way to test how you will handle assembling our products, practice really does make perfect, so this is why we have assembly videos which are ideal when you are struggling to make any headway.

Colour verification-

If you request a physical sample of our stock products you will be able to see up close the actual colour and finish of the packaging. Let’s remember that the colour gamut on the screen (RGB) and in print will create different output results.

We have lots of different print finish options in our stock range, from gloss to matt, textured to smooth, and without requesting a sample you would struggle to see how tactile different products are. Need a colour to match your own branding? We can help guide you towards the closest pantone match from our range.

Problem solving

Another advantage of requesting samples is that you get to analyse and identify any issues with the packaging that were not visible when you viewed the product on line.

For example, our PVC cubes are ideal for most products but there are limitations with any products that have a considerable weight to them. Without testing your product, you would be unable to determine this.

If you are struggling to find anything suitable from our stock range, why not go for a bespoke custom designed product.

Send in your product and a brief and we will create quotations and a plain prototype around this. A prototype enables you to make sure that the quality of the packaging is up to the standards of the project and is exactly what is required before entering production.

It effectively rules out any chances of mismatches in the quality and design of the product between what you expected and what you get.

Getting a plain sample is absolutely essential to verify the structural design and make sure the product fits exactly how you would expect. You can then work on the graphic design once you are happy with the constructional design.

What samples do we offer for bespoke customers?

  • Plain white samples:
  • We will always supply plain white board samples as they quickly help to validate the quality and suitability of the material quoted.

  • Digital printed samples:
  • These samples are almost final production quality, with the correct construction and material being used, but these will be digitally printed rather than litho printed so the print will not be representative of final quality. These samples are ideal for taking to meetings with buyers or photographing for promotional purposes. There is normally no charge for us to supply you with these samples.

  • Production Grade Sample
  • These samples are made according to the exact specification of the project. Lithographically printed samples are chargeable due to the cost of machine print set up and plate charges (costs can vary but begin at £300) This option gives you the final quality product and is most suitable for projects where colour is key where you have strict brand guidelines to comply with or for large volume runs where a sign off sample is required before a commitment.

  • Print finish clarification:
  • Interested to see what a print finish looks like, or the quality of our printing? We have a huge archive of samples available to send to you to demonstrate a huge range of print finishes we offer.

Ready to take the plunge and discuss packaging? Get in touch with our sales team now to start a conversation, we look forward to speaking to you.  Check out our gallery  for some design inspiration.