Mailing Boxes for Wax Melt Sampler

Posted by Kirsty on 14th May 2021

Create Wax Melt Sampler Boxes to Show off your Product Range

Wax melt sampler boxes are the perfect way for customers to explore a new wax melt range and find their ideal scent. If you havent already introduced a sampler box then what are you waiting for?

Curating a range of specially selected wax melts will allow you to showcase new scent ranges or allow new customers to see what you are all about.

Our PIP corrugated sampler boxes are available in a wide range of sizes to allow you to create a variety of sample box options- from packaging loose or bagged wax melts to creating 1oz pot or snap bar gift boxes. They are designed to be sent straight out in the post without requiring another outer box.

Simply line with tissue paper and seal with a branded label, you are then ready to send out your beautifully scented products. 

Box size featured is our 4 Choc size box - ideal for 9 loose small wax melts.

Wax melt sampler box

  • Our corrugated mailing boxes are white on the outside and have a kraft liner.
  • The dimensions of the box qualifies for Royal Mail small parcel postage BUT do fit through most letter boxes for contactless delivery.
  • The boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • The boxes are supplied flat for easy storage and are easy to assembly and quickly fill with your products

See the boxes that we have available in the price list below, the dimensions are the external dimensions and we do advise measuring the products that you want to pack before purchasing the boxes to ensure you have the right size boxes. Shop our full range here