Looking to source FSC® Packaging?

Posted by Kirsty on 21st May 2019

Here at Meridian, we understand that we have a vital ecological responsibility as packaging manufacturers, and as consumers seek to reduce their environmental impact, we too are striving to go beyond our obligated environmental compliance. This is why our FSC® certification is such a big deal to us!

With over 82% of our business based on converting carton board, we knew we could not afford to be apathetic, we want ed to ensure the sources of our raw materials were from organisations that manage their forests socially, environmentally and economically responsible ways.

After months of research to find the perfect environmental partner, followed by a period of intensive prep and planning, we are now proud to announce that we have been awarded our FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, a distinction which recognizes our commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.

The FSC® Chain of Custody tracks the timber, from ethical sources, through every stage in the supply chain from the forest to the final user. This is monitored through the invoicing process and the final label on the product has a code that confirms that the item is genuinely FSC® certified. At Meridian, we follow this chain of custody rigorously for our accredited FSC® packaging.

Thanks to our FSC® certification, we can now offer our customers bespoke packaging solutions to ensure sustainability that begins in the forest. We have 25 years of print and packaging knowledge behind us, so we are well placed to advise on low migration inks and print finishes that allow your packaging to continue its ethical journey to a recyclable and biodegradable end.

We’re proud to have achieved our FSC® certification and choosing Meridian for your packaging means that you can help future generations through responsible forestry.

What is FSC®?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent international organisation. It was established to oversee the sustainable harvesting of timber and responsible management of subsequent paper goods.

  • FSC® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home, they believe in ‘Forests For All Forever'. The FSC® system helps businesses and consumers to choose products from well-managed forests and/or verified and recycled sources.
  • FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) certification ensures that FSC® materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing, so customers purchasing products sold with FSC® claims can be confident that they are genuinely FSC® certified.
  • The FSC® Chain of Custody ensures that at every stage, social and environmental standards are met. One FSC® Certified business goes on to supply the next, creating a network of verified suppliers.

Why FSC®?

More than half of paper used globally is for packaging carton board and containerboard [1]

Those working in manufacturing must act now to protect our planet. Obtaining our FSC® Certification was a way to demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility and meet the demands of our consumers. Sustainability is a major concern for manufacturers and consumers alike, and sustainable packaging is an essential part of any brand’s sustainability mission.

When you order from Meridian, you can rest easy knowing your packaging is coming from a source that has been certified by FSC® through their rigorous chain of custody. Not only is FSC® board ethical but sustainable forestry is one of the most effective means to mitigate climate change [2].

What does FSC® mean to consumers?

There is growing consumer demand for ethically sourced sustainable packaging. A global corporate responsibility survey [3] found that 66% of consumers avoided a product or brand for environmental reasons. With this in mind, in a marketplace saturated with choice, why not be the brand that shouts to its consumers about its environmental credentials?

88% of UK shoppers have said they want on pack information on packaging sustainability [4] and with over half of consumers aware of the FSC® logo [5], this is a good place to begin. Having the recognisable FSC® logo on your packaging has become a simple way to demonstrate your brands corporate social responsibility. It represents a contract between the buyer and the manufacturer acknowledging that the product has made as little environmental impact as possible.

If you are committed to working with an FSC® Certified manufacturer, we would be delighted to help. FSC® is available upon request for all your design projects, let us bring your packaging ideas to life whilst also preserving the environment and allowing you to promote your own environmental message.

FSC…easy as 1,2,3 -

1. Contact our sales team if you require FSC® mixed credit board for your next project, we will advise on the most suitable board. Remember that this needs to be done from the outset to ensure the chain of custody is followed throughout.

2.Send over your artwork and we will add our relevant FSC® certified logo with identifier license code, we do the hard work as we get approval from FSC® for you so you don’t need to do a thing!

3.Once the project is complete, we will send you an invoice with the FSC® claim and our certificate code which completes the chain, this is your assurance that you have purchased FSC® Certified packaging.

[1] Environmental paper network, 2018


[3] Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report


[5] FSC UK Consumer survey 2018- TNS