Christmas Cracker Gift Inspiration

Posted by Lucy Martin and Kirsty Oldroyd on 4th Dec 2018


Luxury Christmas crackers have been a huge trend in gift packaging the past few years, from Harrods to Jo Malone, the premium brands have all added a luxury cracker gift to their range. Why not capitalise on this trend and find a way to use our range of self fill Christmas cracker boxes. 

Gone are the days when a paper hat, plastic spinner and 'dad' joke would suffice, now people are wanting to offer something more unique to adorn their Christmas Day table. Christmas wouldn't be the same without crackers so why not offer unique gifts that make the big day go with an even bigger bang! 

Christmas crackers date as far back as 1845 and were created by a London sweet producer, he found a way to combine his love of French bon-bons and crackling fire places, and the cracker was born! They have been the main stay of our festive season ever since.

Our self twist lock crackers are available in 5 x sizes and multiple designs (shop the range now) The dimensions below are for the main section that houses your products. The best part of our crackers? Although they are missing the ‘bang', they are recyclable and reusable which is ideal in trying to reduce single use plastics in this Eco-conscious time. Fill them with thoughtful gifts that your recipients will treasure forever.

Here are some ideas for contents if you are stuck on what to use our crackers for, let’s think outside of the box:

SMALL- 30x30x61mm

Designed for 2 x indulgent truffles. This size is also ideal for mini nail varnishes or jewelry.

MEDIUM- 50x50x100mm

The perfect size for those festive 'spirits'! This is the ideal size for a miniature 5cl gin bottle or your guests favourite Christmas tipple.

LARGE- 65x65x130mm

Why not create a foodie lovers cracker, ideal for medium size jars containing delicious, jams, chutneys etc. which makes for a lovely luxurious Christmas gift.

EXTRA LARGE- 80x80x158mm

Treat little ones with a cracker containing their favourite toy, these crackers are suitable for even the biggest of kids.

GIANT- 100x100x200mm

Think BIG! The ideal size to create a cosy gift box of scarves, gloves and socks. You can't go wrong with this size cracker if you want to create a self build hamper box of goodies with a twist (quite literally!)

All in all its been cracking fun to pop some inspo ideas on this post to all you lovely people! Fingers crossed your crackers go off with a bang this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas y'all!

NEW FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 are our twist end windowed crackers- these are the ideal choice for creating a gift box where you want your customers to have a sneak peek at the products. Check out the range now

Christmas Window Crackers

Cracker Sizes:

Small: W30 x D30 x L61mm

Medium: W50 x D50 x L100mm

Large: W65 x D65 x L130mm

Xtra large: W80 x D80 x L158mm

Giant: W100 x D100 x L200mm