5 Ways to Capitalise on Easter Sales

Posted by Naomi on 8th Apr 2022

5 Ways to Capitalise on Easter Sales

5 Ways to Boost Easter Sales for your Small Business

It’s no secret that Easter is one of the most profitable holidays of the year. Three-quarters of the UK population are projected to celebrate Easter in 2022 with the majority looking to buy over this fun and festive season. Each year, themed occasions are growing with Millennials looking to spend an average of £31 per person this year*. 

Our Easter collection provides a fresh, vibrant basis to showcase your handmade creations, from intricately decorated eggs to chocolate figurines. Whether you need packaging to protect your egg in transit or to showcase your creations, we have options to suit all requirements. Be sure to head over to our Spring Collection for any last minute buys! 

This holiday is a fantastic opportunity to market your business to new potential customers. Here are 5 ways to capitalise this Easter season:

1. The Power of Social Media - Millennials and Gen Z consumers typically spend the most during Easter. Grow your audience in seconds by posting a viral video on Tiktok or Instagram reels. Take the opportunity to trial new products or show behind the scene construction videos of your creations.

2. Thoughtful Additions - The consumers experience of opening your product is important. Adding little extras such as gift wrapping and personalised illustrated cards are an easy uplift and adds a positive reflection of your craft. Offering these extras as an added cost for time-strapped customers is a trouble-free way to boost the order value and your profit margins!

3. Run an Easter Promotion - Customers love a freebie! Whether you’re promoting a new product or growing your audience, why not invest in running a themed giveaway. Customers can share, comment and like your content in exchange to entering. Be sure to make your Terms & Conditions clear.

4. Open a Pop-up Shop - If you typically sell online, why not capitalise on those living local and open a temporary pop-up shop. More affordable than opening a permanent store, you can trial new products, new audiences and gather direct customer feedback.

5. Mix it up with Hampers - To receive a beautifully curated box of goodies is always a treat! Why not offer a range of pre-curated gift boxes or hampers to suit a range of budgets.

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