Ten Facts About Meridian


As custom manufacturing represents around 60% of our business, we're constantly working to different supply chain lead-times ensuring we are constantly busy throughout the year. As you can imagine, the lead up to Christmas is our busiest time of year with nearly half our yearly orders being sent out during October, November and December. During this period, its all staff on board to help ensure that all orders are processed and sent out in time. Receiving great feedback makes the process worthwhile for us and motivates us to keep to such a high standard. Be sure to leave us a review and send us pictures of your final products so we can share them over social media.

Meridian's life began in Malvern and we are proud to have remained in the area. Malvern has a rich history of entrepreneurial spirit centred around loyal local workforces, fine global relationships and a scientific pedigree in government and private defence research. Let's not forget our beloved natural spring water made popular by Elizabeth I in the 16th century! A perfect example is The Morgan Motor Company, which began as a motor works garage in Malvern Link and remains in there to this day. The combination of international renowned excellence and local success is a compelling vision for the future of Meridian. We hope to continue to grow in our existing location by expanding our exceptional workforce and enjoyable work environment in keeping with the stature of our local setting. Development will begin to extend the factory footprint in the coming months.

Due to our short-run expertise, we process thousands of production orders per annum (on top of our stock orders!). We have to ensure that we offer continual flexibility in the production schedule to meet short lead-times on a consistent basis. We try our best to avoid sub-contracting any of our premium finishing aspects. We've developed a highly skilled workforce capable of foiling, embossing and debossing, complex die-cutting, multi-component assembly, intricate machining and hand glueing. By continually delivering on our promise of high-quality, fair prices, and short lead-times, we create everlasting customer loyalty. We never take this for granted and constantly look at what's on offer in the marketplace to ensure we deliver the very best in premium finishing techniques and services. To read more about our design capabilities, click here. Or why not get in touch to discuss a bespoke packaging project?

Everything starts somewhere. Meridian was established back in 1994 and production started operating from a former scout hut! Back then, we had the same point of view about our service: what we couldn't make, we helped our customers find; we were always available on the phone (and commonly by fax back then!) and we worked tirelessly to deliver what was promised. It's no secret that listening to your customers, treating them with respect and working hard leads to success. We've gradually reinvested in our company to grow as a business, expand our capabilities and machine capacity. 

We offer a combination of skills, specialising in manufacturing printed and/or foiled board and transparent packaging. This allows us to produce cartons with transparent components, for instance, a transparent lid for chocolate boxes or angled windows for premium designed packaging. Our in-house four-corner glued machinery used to assemble our transparent lids makes us one of the leading two-piece transparent box makers in the UK - with the option of adding card inserts, plinths or backing cards. We use PVC and rPET subject to your requirements and the suitability of the material for the job. We also sell a variety of transparent cartons, pillow packs, printed and foiled OPP and de-metallised transparent bags

 If you are looking for any of the following, please get in touch: 

  • Transparent lids for card fold-up bases
  • Transparent Easter cartons
  • Printed or foiled transparent cartons 
  • Window cartons 
  • Transparent pillow packs 
  • Block bottom and ‘hard’ bottom bags

Food, confectionary packaging, in particular, has always been our specialist subject. We do, however, produce a large range of non-food based customer packaging too. We work with some of Europe's finest confectioners and artisan food manufacturers and ensure we meet the strict operating standards required to produce direct contact food packaging. We're quality-focused. This allows us to deliver any job, whether it requires specialist coating, hot foiling, embossing or complicated assembly work (hand-finishing). We apply the same standards to all our products and we are highly competitive on short-to-medium runs or difficult jobs.

Printing is lightly legislated when it's compared with other components of an overall finished pack. However, the lack of legislation does not mean a lack of regulation. Back in 2008, Meridian attended a workshop organised by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). It was apparent that standards varied greatly and inks manufacturers weren't willing to accept responsibility for building compliance from the outset. This led to a reliance on post-production testing which was unsustainable and unrealistic. However, certain ink manufacturers were quick to spot an opportunity and began to develop the "safe building blocks" approach to compliant and safer packaging components. Following this workshop, we've worked closely with our printers to source harmless migration inks, specifically designed for primary food packaging. We've broadened the definition of primary packaging to include a barrier layer. To further ensure food safety, we use harmless migration inks on all stock packaging, continually promoting this to our customers to prompt them to request it of their other suppliers. This has left us with a strong ethical stance regarding packaging safety which is embedded throughout our entire business and our wider supply chain.

It's been over 100 years since the invention of the ballotin box, but the popularity of this type of packaging remains timeless. Meridian is the only UK manufacturer of the European style of ballotin. The tapered four corners glued carton has a solid base and is lined with glassine. The design prevents cocoa powder or crumbs from escaping the box, whether it be holding chocolate, fudge or pastries. These beautiful ballotins can be decorated with ribbon or label, which enables the customer to choose their filling at the counter. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, especially when it comes to packaging legality and safety, delivery, short lead-times and high quality. Our quest to achieve a customer-focused approach when creating beautiful packaging is worthwhile. We're reliable packaging partners and are easy to work with as we can be flexible and capable of delivering a well rounded and positive experience, whether you're buying stock packaging or working with us on a bespoke project. 

You may already know we offer a wide selection of fine gift and generic retail packaging. We manufacture both personalised versions of our stock products or completely custom designs for retail packaging - ranging from self-assemble cartons to divider inserts. Did you know we also source packaging? We sell plain stock packing as a wholesaler - most of which can be personalised using die-cutting or embossing/debossing. We have an in-house design consultancy which enables you to tailor a packaging idea to your products. We ensure that you are included in each step of the process, bringing your vision to life. If we can't produce an element of your project, we will buy on your behalf from one of our trusted partners, whether you are in need of bags, gift wrap, tissue paper, corrugated packaging, shelf displays, or rigid packaging. Why not get in touch to discuss what you need?