Self-fill Advent Calendars

As the UK's leading supplier of premium self-fill Advent Calendars, we know a little thing or two about preparing for Christmas! The countdown for Christmas begins early for our customers, with so much to prepare ahead of the festive season. Within this range, you'll find 12 Day, 24 Day Standard, 24 Day Giant, 24 Day 3D House and Triangular Advents.  

Our extensive collection of empty self-fill Advent calendars - exclusive to Meridian - are a wonderful gift! Choose from a variety of traditional, nostalgic, elegant or colourful designs, all worthy of snuggling up next to a warm winter fire and opening its delightful contents. Simply fill with chocolates, wax melts, pet treats, mini jars, flavoured tea bags, candied fruits or jewellery or other small high value items. The perfect gift for any loved one.  

We are offering our customers the flexibility of constructing your own Premium 24 Day Advent Calendar. Choose from three inner boxes, reflecting your sustainable ethos. This allows us to offer our advent calendars at different price points to suit all customers. For those who need the vac-forme to sit a little higher, we've added a 7mm riser plinth that can be added beneath the vac-forme tray to lift the contents (Deluxe insert only).

Add your own branding by personalising any stock advent using hot press foiling from 100 units. As a UK manufacturer, we can produce bespoke countdown calendars designed to your specifications. We’ve previously made custom calendars for a wide variety of customers, for uses as diverse as soaps, wax melts, jewellery, chocolate, pet treats, stationery, teabags, and dates. Specialising in runs from 100 units to 50,000 units, our prices are always competitive. Ask a member of our Customer Services team for more information.