Premium Gift Boxes

Decorative Gift Boxes for Special Occasions

A Gift Box is the general term for a decorative box which offers not just functional packaging for goods, but also a visually appealing, artistic expression of the brand or product it is used to present. This might be for promotional packaging, for a customer to purchase as a gift item or as a way of standing out on shelf when compared with other packaged retail goods.  Rooted in the intricate, jewelled and decorative boxes or caskets with traditional folk art or historical origins, modern gift packaging can be used to deliver the same feeling of intricate beauty and high quality.

Traditionally gift boxes have often been used for seasonal gifts and are generally made from sturdy paperboard (carton board) or corrugated fiberboard lined with fine papers. These boxes normally consist of two parts - a base and removable lid. Fold-up box design involves a die cutting process to cut and crease the board allowing for self assembly or for pre-assembly by skilled packaging production technicians. Gift boxes can be dressed with other gift packaging material, for example ribbons, decorative bows, gift wrap or and tissue paper.

Meridian's range of premium gift boxes offer premium quality packaging at highly competitive price points and are made by us in the UK to the finest production quality standards.