General Purpose Hamper Gift Boxes

Hamper Gift Boxes

If you want to present your food and gift items beautifully, consider a hamper box from our wide selection of hamper gift boxes. Our cardboard hamper gift boxes are made with the highest quality materials and offered in a wide variety of colours and styles. Furthermore, we offer boxes in a wide array of sizes - whether you need a single small empty hamper box or large gift boxes in bulk quantity, you’ll be sure to find it at MeridianSP.

Our general purpose hamper gift boxes are available in a number of different sizes and designs. Our large general purpose hamper gift boxes come as a gift box style with lid and offer greater depth for larger hampers or large product gift sets. You can even turn the Small Hamper Gift Box into a wine and chocolate gift set or a two wine bottle box using our divider inserts and riser plinths. You can read more about this at our web page which introduces all our latest packaging.

The tapered hamper gift trays can be used with our transparent lids, which fit snugly over the base and lock in place in the corners, offering a chic solution to protecting and holding the contents in place for shallower gift items.

We also offer plain and printed transparent film gift wrap if you have larger or unusually shaped items which sit proud of the base or want to create a flared gift set with decorative wrapping styles.

Finally we offer paper shred fill which provides an attractive, rustic looking finish to support products placed in the trays.

If you’re looking for the best quality and value, look no further. We offer the largest selection of small and large hamper tray options, while providing a better quality and value than our competitors.

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