Base and Lid Boxes

Our Base and Lid Gift Boxes are sold separately as fold-up lids and bases which form a two piece (2 piece) gift box, and can be mixed in colour or used to make elegant set boxes. These gift boxes are ideal for chocolates, truffles, pralines or fudge (with available inserts), or as shallow gift boxes for clothing (clothes), soaps, candles, some jewellery items (we can produce custom inserts to fit) and other gifts.

We offer a range of material types across our base and lid gift boxes: Colour range boxes which offer Aqua (light green), Black, Blue, Buttermilk Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Cream, Electric Pink, Lilac, Orange and Red options; Standard Range boxes which offer bright gold, bright silver and matt gold boxes with a lustrous metallic finish, as well as natural kraft boxes offering a beautiful, clean but farmhouse (rustic) looking finish or a simple gloss white; then our Premium Range includes a range of wibalin lids in black, blue, burgundy, chocolate brown, cream, gold, green, red, silver and white colour options, all of which have the embossed finish which has become associated with a deluxe finish and all of which fit our fold-up bases from within the colour range or the standard range selections. Finally we offer a range of individual set boxes (which can also be mixed and matched) with both base and lid (each of the 2 parts of the box) comprising a wibalin, embossed finish. These square boxes offer an approximation of a rigid box without any of the issues with storage space, cost or high lead-times for re-stocking (we aim to re-stock within 7 days).

Our gift boxes all have optional transparent lids as well, so if you have products you want to show off, these are the perfect presentation boxes.

The premium collection also includes some speciality boxes which are a truly premium offering featuring hinged doors or buffer sides or attractive windows.

We hope you agree these gift boxes are perfect for chocolates, fudge or pralines (when used with tray inserts) or as clothing boxes, candle boxes, packaging for soaps or jewellery or as gift boxes for any use or occasion you can think of...enjoy browsing.