Service Guarantee


You Know it's True, Everything We Do, We Do it for You

Hopefully, by now you've spoken or exchanged emails with our fantastic Customer Services team. We really do have a group of people all of whom care deeply about our customers.

Of course, this is a personal thing - when we find people to join the team we look for strong, positive characters who have integrity and purpose. It's not just about personality though. Underpinning everything is Meridian's point of view - and that of our Directors - which is that everything has to be geared towards making life easier for our customers. Better products, fair, competitive prices, constant evolution and new designs, reliability, consistent delivery performance, availability of stock, re-stocking quickly when we run out, which is inevitable at certain points.

All of this comes from our belief that getting things right for our customers means they can build their businesses and try things out - experiment and do the things they love doing - without having to worry about their packaging. We give our customers a dependable foundation to present their products in beautiful packaging. And if it goes wrong we put it right - as quickly and positively as possible. To help us do this, we commit to some service guarantees:

  • Order before 12pm UK Time on a weekday and we will aim to despatch your order the same day (subject to time of year/ stock*)
  • If we are out of stock we will re-stock and send your order within 7-21 days*

*Our normal 7 day re-stocking target may be increased due to very heavy seasonal workload - we work hard to bring this down and will do everything we can to offer viable alternatives - which are also offered through the related products images below the product details. Call the office to place an order for any products that are unavailable to order online.

All normal statutory rights still apply as per our terms and conditionsWe also have service targets which keep us aiming for sustained improvements to our products and services:

  • Formal complaints fewer than 0.5% of orders
  • Out of stock performance less than 2.5% of lines

So if you're not entirely satisfied please tell us. You'll always find us willing to listen, we work hard to make things work smoothly and we want you to find it easy to deal with us. 

This is why we're growing year-on-year, investing in improvements to our website and the systems which drive it and building a fantastic Customer Services team.