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Quality Assurance

Meridian Speciality Packaging: Committed to Excellence


There's a well known adage describing the impossibility of delivering on all fronts, which can be boiled down to Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick two.

What this is saying is that there has to be a balance between competing forces - making things quickly and at short notice requires flexibility and expertise, which can come at a premium. Making things high quality requires investment in precise machinery, training and better raw materials. And making things cheaply requires standardised materials to allow bulk purchasing, efficient, predictable operations which can be streamlined and the removal of waste which often threatens innovation and experimentation.

Now we don't like the word "cheap" but taking that aside everything about our business is geared towards excelling at this complex balancing act between quality, price and speed of delivery.

Fast, High Quality and Cost-Effective

The premise is reasonably simple but to execute it requires market knowledge, a skilled workforce and competency in legal and technical requirements for food packaging, as well as a commitment to small-format production machinery.


You want your packaging to arrive as quickly as possible: we offer next working day delivery to UK mainland customers for all stock orders. We despatch on the day we receive the order in over 95% of cases when we receive an order before the 12pm cut-off - and we always try to get orders out even when they come in later in the day.

For custom production orders we work to a 1-4 week lead-time, with most jobs taking 2 weeks from receipt of order to despatch. Even in our most intensely busy periods we do everything possible to maintain these short lead-times.

Because short-run expertise demands processing thousands of orders every year, there is continual flexibility in the production schedule to meet short lead-times on a consistent basis, creating customer loyalty.

High Quality

You need safe and legal packaging which beautifully presents your high quality products: everything we do is geared towards delivering a premium look and feel underpinned by high quality raw materials.

We combine the flexibility and speed of response typical of a smaller company with quality standards underpinned by BRC certification.

Slower run-speeds on smaller format machinery are built in to our operating model and limited throughput on non-automated machinery drives a focus on lower waste, higher quality and operator craftsmanship, well suited to the artisan food, confectionery and gift markets which seeks brand differentiation and premium look and feel.

And we offer industry leading in-house graphic and structural design to offer expertise in how to achieve stunning visual impact.


Smaller sized tooling and quick, manual set-ups drive competitive short-run prices versus larger format machines.

Our willingness to stock and hold specialist materials ensures we secure excellent prices and we continually focus on streamlining our supply chain to ensure every step is both efficient and flexible, taking highly skilled work in-house so we can control costs.

Certificated, Progressive, Continually Improving

Every step we take is seen as part of an ongoing cycle of continual improvement. We are audited annually as part of our BRC certification but we conduct extensive internal audits and use external consultants to give fresh perspectives on how we move the business forward - always focused on value for you as the customer. 

We want to delight you with the quality of our products and services and we respond quickly to feedback which suggests we can make changes for the better.

We hope you enjoy the experience of finding beautiful packaging and we offer the guarantee that, if you're not happy with the quality of what we produce, you can return it to us very easily through our online returns system right here on this site.