Personalising Stock Packaging

Want to personalise our stock packaging? Why not brand with your own logo.

Personalising our stock packaging couldn’t be easier! You can add a logo, text or a single colour image to most* of our stock packaging range using the hot foil blocking technique- Our MOQ is as little as 100. Foil blocking is a simple transferring process which is a cost-effective way to create stylish branded packaging- read more about foiling on our corporate design website.  Foil blocking can be a cost-effective and highly impactful way to create a stylish and unique product for your customers- ideal for qtys less than 500 units.



Low MOQ for Foil Blocking Packaging~

Working out the price is easy! Simply add the price in the table below to the item you wish to personalise to give you the complete unit price (single colour foil) There are no hidden extras, just a one-off tooling charge for the foil blocking die and a delivery cost. Pricing for dies begin at £35.00 per 10cm² (estimated at time of ordering) Please note prices exclude VAT.


To enquire about personalisation, contact our sales team OR complete the form here - our sales team will then be able to discuss your requirements and confirm pricing and lead time for you. 

You are not limited to only using gold or silver foil, we have a huge range of foil colours suitable for all colour palettes- download our colour swatch here.

Looking to go further with your custom packaging? Check out our custom design website for our specialist packaging design services.

 *excludes the flat film bags, postal outers, paperbags, cushion pads