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Meridian Packaging Design


Structural and Graphic Design | All Part of Our Service

We work on thousands of bespoke packaging design and manufacturing projects each year. Sometimes we start from a totally blank canvas and other times we create simple executions involving personalisation of stock packaging.

Some larger design projects are priced separately but the majority of the work we do is offered free of charge as part of a manufacturing project. Our aim is to make it easy to create beautiful packaging which helps you to grow.


We offer a plain English approach to design, staff who care about what they do and a commitment to ensuring you achieve your goals.

We want even the smallest companies to feel comfortable working with us and by offering design and sampling support, we help you to secure your orders so that we can produce your packaging.

Because of this simple approach, we develop longstanding relationships with our customers - and we deliver what our customers want, when they want it.

Beyond the 3 Ps

We understand packaging must be designed to protect, preserve and promote the product and we build in compliance with food contact regulations from the start to ensure when we create beautiful packaging it meets consumer safety and legal requirements.

There is no substitute for listening and we believe it's important to discuss requirements in the context of your understanding of what can be produced, our own technical expertise and experience of delivering similar projects, and the opportunities and limitations tied to each design option.

There is enormous value in being able to touch and play with packaging, which can otherwise hide on the page. In our experience, the sampling stage always brings questions that couldn't otherwise be foreseen.

We take pride in being flexible and easy to deal with and of course the high quality of our manufacturing, which is endorsed by our certifications.

Get in Touch | We Want to Hear From You

If you have a packaging project in the pipeline, why not get in touch and experience our positive, collaborative approach first hand?