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Packaging Case Studies

Packaging Inspiration Case Studies

With such a broad range of packaging services on offer, from design and sampling to manufacturing, stock holding or product sourcing, sometimes the easiest way to understand how we can help you is to look at the work we've done for other customers.

We are grateful to the customers featured in these case studies for allowing us to showcase their packaging - so much of what we do remains hidden from view because of client confidentiality, which we take very seriously.

But when we can, we're delighted to shout about the virtues of our team and the fine work they produce through a commitment to delivering the very best standards for our customers.


Product Design and Sourcing for Multi-Component Gift Pack-

Working with longstanding customer National Museums of Scotland (NMS) we were challenged to combine the design and manufacture of a premium but simply stated gift box with the design and sourcing of a waterjet cut foam insert to hold, protect and present 32 exquisite chess pieces.

Read our casestudy here



Flexible Range Development with Growing Customer

Working with start-up Cocoa Libre we offered a range of services from design support through to manufacturing. It wasn't always perfectly smooth, but our commitment to getting things right has helped us develop a strong partnership with excellent packaging results.

Read our case study here



Rapid Response and Balanced Skills to Produce Premium Easter Egg Carton

Working with artisan chocolate brand Martin's Chocolatier, we used a combination of customer and brand knowledge, stock components and expert in house hand finishing to move quickly to produce a premium quality Easter egg carton for both mail order and retail sales which protects as well as beautifully presents the contents.

Read our casestudy here



Packaging Design with Automation in Mind


Working with fast growing fine fudge manufacturer Buttermilk Confections we were required to participate in a technical design process involving the customer's production lead and their chosen machine manufacturer to re-design an existing crash-lock bottom A-frame carton to allow for an efficient automated process involving the erection, filling and gluing of the packaging.

Read our casestudy here


Premium Design at Competitive Price Point

With Martin's Chocolatier, we developed a distinctive and strong selling triangular shaped advent calendar box which was robust enough to survive the postal service whilst successfully balancing the constraints of short lead-times and cost despite a premium look and feel and the arresting visual appeal of a very unusual and dinstinctive shaped box.

Read our casestudy here


Custom packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to source and it certainly doesn't have to be complicated. Our aim is simple:

We want to work with you to produce beautiful packaging and to make this as straight-forward and enjoyable as possible.

Our packaging design process is also simple:

By stripping everything back we connect you with the design process and the result is a much more creative collaboration.

Once you explain the project and what you're aiming to achieve, we present clear material choices based on a huge range of speciality boards held on site, or by recommending other materials which would work well. We take into consideration the printing or finishing processes to ensure you get the results you want whilst balancing cost and lead-time based on our extensive experience.

You don’t need to have a knowledge of technical jargon as we simplify the process and make it accessible for all. That's why our customers include so many start-ups alongside Europe's most prestigious retailers and artisan manufacturers. Interested in finding out more? Get in contact with us now