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New products 2020

Giant advents, Windowed Crackers & Luxury Drawer Packs


We are fairly unique in the industry because we work incredibly hard to deliver products and services which work for customers of all sizes. We really do mean it when we say we're happy to deal with someone making chocolates for their friend's wedding or to give as a special gift at Christmas - but we also work with the UK's largest premium retailers, artisan chocolate and gift manufacturers, food and packaging wholesalers and everyone in between.

What this means is that our range of gift boxes, gift packaging and other wholesale packaging lines grows quickly and you can be sure we're listening to every one of our fantastic customers for guidance, advice, requests and feedback. It's this approach to communicating and listening that helps us produce the great packaging that we do - and we're hugely excited by the latest collection soon to be launched.

This product launch sees the addition of a luxury giant self fill advent, suitable for 40g mini jars or candle votive's. We are also adding self fill Christmas crackers with a viewing window and mini A-frame cartons, with a design to suit every occasion. These are just a few of the 66 new products we will be launching!

We have a blog live now to give you some more information on the new products.

Alternatively, take a look through our brochure (via the link below) and keep your eyes peeled for the product official launch in the next few weeks. 

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