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Our collection comprises film and paper gift bags, gift pouches, and retail bags in a variety of attractive styles and designs across a broad range of applications. One common aspect is the high production quality - all our gift bags are manufactured in Europe by our longstanding and trusted partners using premium quality raw materials and are incredibly consistent in terms of size and quality, which may not be the case with lower cost alternatives.

We offer plain or printed OPP (polypropylene) bags, suitable for artisan food manufacturers, concession stands, contract packing, bakeries or delis. As well as printed block bottom and crossed bottom bags, we supply plain block bottom bags. Ideal for packaging your catering goods, plain crossed bottom bags can come with or without a silver cardboard base ("hard bottom bags") and in various sizes.

Our film bags are often referred to as sweet bags, sweetie bags, goodie bags, chocolate bags or food bags - but they are also ideal for other gifts consisting either of loose items requiring a firm base to stand on shelf or where you want to present the contents using the beautiful clarity and sheen of the premium polypropylene film.

Although all of our stock film bags are polypropylene, we offer bespoke block bottom cellophane bags, as well as custom polypropylene, polythene and paper bags made to any size and with any printed or foiled design - just ask if you want something different to what's on offer here or you're working on a project involving custom bag design.

Our stock bags come in a variety of colours and sizes to meet your requirement - from small gift bags to large gift bags, from clear gift bags to silver gift bags and everything in between.

We have a great selection of designs for all occasions. Whether you need Christmas gift bags, birthday bags, or general decorative gift bags for any event or special occasion; you’ll be sure to find it in our extensive gift bag shop.