Fold-Up Boxes

Fold-up Gift Boxes - High Quality Packaging for Any Occasion

Fold-up boxes consist of two parts - the base and the lid. We list our fold up Bases and fold up Lids separately, because you can mix and match colours or materials to create the perfect combination for you...

Making Your Perfect Chocolate Selection Set Box

We offer additional components which are available for use with chocolates, truffles, fudge or other small products.

Once you have selected a base and lid, complete your box with our vacuum formed insert trays which offer multiple cavities corresponding with the name of the base or lid you have chosen (2 Choc through to 48 Choc).

Then choose a cushion pad insert piece, which sits on top of the chocolates to add a luxurious feel and protect them on the journey home.

If you want to use our packaging for other foods where the food will be placed into the box without a vac-forme tray, please contact us prior to ordering so that we can ensure we deliver the packaging to the correct specification. Our boxes are often used for macarons, dried foods and other food products - where we offer direct food contact insert cards or other custom fitments to hold the product in place.

Combine Colour or Use Transparent Lids

All our sizes of fold-up box are offered with optional transparent lids instead of solid card lids. This allows you to show off the contents in style. Either look at our transparent ids section or check our related products when browsing for a base and you'll see the corresponding sized transparent lid.

Non-Food Use

Our shallow fold-up boxes are also useful for packing tea-lights or longer candles, soaps, jewellery items and many other products besides.