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Easter Packaging and Supplies

Easter is known for beautiful and colourful packages filled with everything we love - huge Easter eggs, Easter chocolate and all other types of wonderful Easter gifts.

Our egg cartons and gift bags are designed to meet a variety of tastes, whether you’re looking for a gift bag with spring colours or child-friendly Easter bunny styled cartons. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of different sized Easter egg packaging options including small boxes for single gifts, or large boxes that can safely contain large chocolate Easter eggs or multiple smaller items.

Our egg box packaging is durable, beautiful, and most of all, memorable. Whether you’re packaging larger foil wrapped Easter Eggs, mini (Lindt-style) Chocolate Eggs, bagged (Cardbury-style) mini eggs, decorative unwrapped Chocolate Eggs with piped lettering or designs or sweet or chocolate inclusions moulded into the face of the egg, or your own Easter gifts - we provide Easter packaging that is sure to catch the eye of the recipient and make your gift even more special.

We have Easter packaging to show off your egg, hold it in place and add colour to your collection with plenty of room for overlabelling or personalisation.

We can also offer custom designed Easter packaging through our packaging design and manufacturing services and produce bespoke Easter packaging orders for customer ranging from 100 hot foiled cartons through to larger volume orders for major retailers. Our decorative packaging expertise allows us to create some of the most eye catching Easter packaging designs for Europe's premium chocolatiers and high-end retailers every year and you're sure to have handled packaging produced by Meridian for an Easter order.