Christmas Packaging - Festive Gift Boxes, Bags, Gift Cartons, Christmas Crackers and Gift Packaging

Christmas is a time of celebration, where tradition and festivity combine in rich reds and greens, golds and silvers, holly and snowflakes, trees and presents. Delicious goods are packed beautifully into perfect gift boxes or other Christmas packaging which appeals to customers looking for that special gift to say ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ or simply ‘Merry Christmas!’. Whatever your Christmas gift packaging needs, we offer a wide selection... 

We offer a wide range of Christmas packaging items, Christmas bags and Christmas gift boxes including Christmas ballotins, Christmas fold-up gift boxes with festive shaped windows, large Christmas boxes, decorative Christmas gift boxes with lids, Christmas ribbons, beautiful foiled Christmas designs which go across our seasonal ballotin carton range and also extend into our hugely popular range of Christmas Cracker cartons, and an elegant Christmas star wrap to fit our 4 Choc boxes. We carry anything you need to bring your Christmas packaging ideas to life - from small xmas boxes and butterfly ballotins to other Christmas food packaging items.

Our premium advent calendar gift boxes which are ready to fill offer a truly exquisite way to give your customers a premium pre-Christmas gift option filled with your own delicious chocolates, truffles, fudge or even jewellery, candles, soaps or other small gifts. Or you could even sell them as a "fill it yourself" gift box product which customers can buy to fill at home. This increasingly popular segment gives you another gifting and Christmas packaging option.

There's something for everyone in our diverse range - our popular Christmas crackers start small for little gifts and end at the Giant Christmas Cracker which could be used for a gift selection box or to hold larger items. And if you don't see the small or large xmas boxes, mini Christmas cartons, small Christmas gift bags or gift packaging you're looking for, or would like to add a personal touch to your Christmas packaging by adding your own brand logo or seasonal message, we produce custom designs for many of our customers ahead of the seasonal sales lift, so get in touch and we can work with you to design the Christmas packaging you need.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Gift Packaging collection.

Christmas Packaging Experts Ready to Help

At Meridian, we offer one of the largest and most inclusive selections of Christmas packaging items including small xmas boxes for small packaging ideas, large Christmas bags and boxes, festive ballotins, ribbons, foil wrap, food-safe film wrap and more. When the Christmas holiday comes around and you need your gifts and products to make the best impression possible, you can count on Meridian to provide the speciality Christmas packaging items that you require.


Christmas Packaging Options for Everybody

Whether you just need a few boxes to present gifts on Christmas, or you need high quality Christmas packaging to present your products during the season, we have the selection that you require. Well-wrapped gifts stand out and your wrapping choice can show someone how much thought you have put into their gift. For retailers, Christmas presents a time when choosing the right packaging is of utmost importance to making an impression on customers. Our cost affordable Christmas packaging options ensure that your wrapping choice is just as thoughtful and well-received as the gift it contains.


Why Choose Meridian Speciality Packaging for Your Christmas Packaging

At Meridian SP, we have one of the largest inventories of packaging supplies for every occasion - offered in a wide array of colour and design options. Our Christmas packaging and gift packaging options are categorised effectively to make finding the right products easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a single Christmas box or bulk packaging to package your entire product line, Meridian is your packaging partner during the festive holiday season.