Brexit Information 2021

Orders placed for delivery in the EU as of 01 January 2021

All goods exported outside the UK will require customs declarations as of the 1st January 2021. We will be working closely with a freight forward customs agent to make the procedures run as smoothly as possible.

If you are a customer outside the UK and are having your goods shipped outside of the UK, additional information is required. The key things we will require from you - without this information, we are unable to send out your goods:

  • Contact name, telephone number with country code and e-mail address will be mandatory
  • If you are a business in EU a VAT/EORI number for orders will be required - Unfortunately, this does mean that as of the 01st January we will be unable to trade with any EU Business who is unable to supply a VAT or EORI number
  • If you are a private individual in the EU, you are able to purchase goods from us as we will provide our EORI number on the shipment
  • Need to get an EORI number? Check out the Government Website for further details

Additional notes:

  • All orders will require a commercial invoice to be generated in order to book a shipment.
  • All goods will require a commodity code to be listed next to each item- this does mean additional paperwork and packing procedures for our warehouse.
  • Terms of delivery will be delivered at place (DAP) - this means we arrange export and are responsible for shipping cost, but the customer must import the goods and pay import VAT and duties if necessary
  • A surcharge will be added by our courier for all deliveries to Europe- this will be passed onto our customers
  • Transit times will very likely increase slightly due to the additional procedures involved, so it is best to add 2-3 working days to the standard shipping time.

 From January, we will add packing fees to all foreign orders due to the increase in packing time and materials. These will be as follows for now:

  • Order value < £300 - £7 packing fee
  • Order value > £300-£1k - £12 packing fee
  • Order value > £1k - £25 packing fee

The shipping costs have already been amended on the website to allow for these packing fees. If you place an order over the phone or via email please be aware these charges will be added on.

We know this is a lot of information and changes all at once. There is still lots of uncertainty in place, but we will do our best to keep up to date with Government legislation as they are provided to us. If you have any questions regarding this in the new year, please email and we will aim to help as best as we can.