Yule Love our Advent Calendars...

Posted by Meridian on 18th Jul 2018

Our incredibly popular fill-it-yourself advent calendars have really proven the value of developing new packaging lines.

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So we wanted to add a few more to offer variety and innovation to an already very successful range...

The Premium Deluxe Advent Calendar Range

The Beautiful Premium Deluxe advent calendar range from Meridian Speciality Packaging - fill it yourself at home or in your shop

Prior to launching them we went through an extensive design process involving commissioning a full design revision to develop two leading designs in what we've now re-labelled our  Premium Deluxe range. The nostalgic Christmas Shop scene which embodies the traditional festive shop front full of colour, warmth and the innocence of childhood anticipation; and the Snow in the Park advent which presents a slightly more uncluttered,spiritual representation of Christmas with the focal point being the warmth and hope of the beautifully lit centrally located 

The concept behind the Premium Deluxe advent calendar range is to offer true luxury in a premium folding carton style. Inside the deluxe laminated card gift carton is a sturdy buffer base which hold the vacuum formed insert tray in place. This really does give the box a strong, rigid feel which imbues premium quality values.Christmas Tree.

Within this range we've now added our latest design, the  Christmas Wreath advent. This playful design offer depth and a really warm, vibrant festive flavour through rich colours and a classic Christmas scene. Featuring a laminated feel with foiled numbers, this addition sits shoulder to shoulder with the other designs in the range.

New riser plinth - lift your contents up closer to the advent window

The 7mm riser plinth - add it to the Premium Deluxe advent to boost the height of the vacuum formed insert tray - ideal for shallower products

For those who need the vac-forme to sit a little higher - for instance when placing thinner chocolates, candied fruits or shallower gifts such as jewellery or mini tealight candles - we've added a  riser plinth. This plinth is 7mm in depth, and can be added beneath the vac-forme tray to lift it up and make it easier for customers to reach in and retrieve the contents when they're opening it at home. The plinth couldn't be simpler to assembled and insert (just fold the sides down and slot it in). This was the result of listening to your feedback...we welcome all your input because it helps us solve the problems we otherwise wouldn't know about.

The Premium Light Advent Calendar Range

Two new designs make up the new Premium Light advent calendar range

With an emphasis on light-weighting even luxury packaging, and a need to offer advent calendars at different price points, we've now introduced the  Premium Light Advent Calendar range with two fantastic, playful designs in the range to kick things off.

There's the fun  Santa's Sleigh design featuring a white foiled design against a bold, festive red background; and the elegant and minimal Snowflake design which uses a bright silver metallic foil onto a simple white background.

The new Premium Light advent features a newly design buffer sided vac-forme tray to sit snugly within the carton

These foiled advents are produced using slightly lighter weight card (still of fantastic quality we must add!) and instead of a buffer box to hold the vac-forme, we've introduced a new style of vac-forme tray which has buffer sides itself, so no base is needed. The result is a lighter weight advent which we can deliver at a lower price giving you the chance to target a children's market, diversify the products you use the advent for - or simply make a better margin!

Now You Can Send Your Advents By Post

Send your advents by post thanks to our new advent mail order postal box

By popular demand we've now introduced a new  Advent Postal Outer (mail order box) to fit the advent calendars (or the 24 choc buffer boxes in our Premium Gift Box range). So now you can offer single advent calendars for home orders by phone or through your online shop...

What Goes Into our Advent Calendars?

Because our advents are so versatile, we've seen orders from soaps and candle manufacturers, chocolate, fudge and sweet shops. They even work for home use allowing you to put your own little gifts inside - yes you may not have 10 children(!) but they make an ideal pre-Christmas present so why not give them to your friends as well?

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Do You Know the History of Advent Calendars?

What you may not know is why we use advent calendars in the first place...

What is Advent?

Advent starts on the Sunday nearest the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle (November 30th) and lasts for four weeks through the following three Sundays. The name Advent comes from the latin to (ad-) and come (venire) suggesting the impending arrival of something important. Celebration of the Advent is dated as far back as the fourth century AD and may have originated in mass baptisms before eventually becoming a count-down to the celebration oft he birth of Christ.

When Did Advent Calendars Arrive?

Although advent calendars don;t follow the exact timing of the official advent period, beginning instead on 1st December and running through either 24 or 25 days depending on the tradition, the process of marking off days using a calendar s believed to have started in Germany with the use of chalk marks in the home or the lighting of candles to count down the days leading to Christmas.

The first printed calendars also originated in Germany and were popularised when a newspaper offered a free gift,before being refined by their inventor Gerhard Lang to include the well known card doors we still see today.

Since then calendars have arrived in all shapes and sizes

Custom Advent Calendars

A specialist custom designed advent calendar for a premium chocolatier

Custom packaging from Meridian Speciality Packaging

At Meridian we manufacture hundreds of thousands of custom advent calendars in orders as small as 100 units and we've produced all manner of different shapes, sizes, advents for pet treats, countdown calendars for special events, 12 day advent calendars for the last minute promotional gifts and so much more.

It may not be too late to source a custom advent because we can design and produce custom packaging in 2-3 weeks if you have everything lined up and know roughly what you;re looking for...and it;s also never too early to talk Christmas 2018...

So why not contact us for more information...