You Can't Turn Up Empty Handed

Posted by The Meridian Elves on 15th Dec 2017

Lights strung, tree erected, turkey bought, wine selected, presents wrapped, glitter sprinkled, baubles strung, stockings hung, carrots out, sherry poured, carols from Kings, 'him' adored...

When the dust settles (dust? what dust? everything's gleaming!) you could be forgiven for wondering whether you have the energy even to pour a gin and tonic.

But Christmas Eve has arrived once again and the hardest part of the work is done, so there's cause for a little celebration.

There stand many of us in the nostalgic, traditional view of Christmas: a rush to Christmas Eve, a hectic, wonderful couple of days and then a chance to flop. But in reality many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends have to work on Christmas Day or Boxing Day or have a busy schedule after the 26th.

For retailers there's very little time to flop: as Boxing Day arrives, out come the bored and the bargain hunters...and importantly for retailers offering small gifts, those visiting relatives who need an expression of thanks.

Have Gifts Ready for Purchase - or Let Customers Create Gifts In Store

Everyone knows you can't turn up empty handed - but houses are often so full of Christmas flower arrangements, opened presents, and food of every what can a discerning guest choose as a small gift for the host?

Of course, we hope they choose something that you're offering! In the time from Christmas to New Year's Eve there's a great opportunity to push attractive lines which favour a traditional, premium style rather than an overtly festive design. 

Offering consumers a counterpoint to Christmas through simple elegance can be a great way to grab their attention. Something which is clearly a gift but has a timeless feel.

How Can We Help?

Which is the point where we shamelessly plug our own packaging of course...

So here goes:

We close on 22nd December, so orders received between now and 21st will reach you before Christmas, but if you place an order before 11:30am on the 22nd we'll get it to you by the 27th - the perfect time for packaging which you want to use in the post-Christmas period. We encourage you to stock up!

As well as everything else you know well, we can offer:

Ideal gift box set boxes with a premium embossed finish available in a range of colours

Available in classic gold and silver colours as well as many other options - premium gift boxes for self assembly

Or why not try our  Hamper Trays and Accessories?

  • Pre-pack attractive gift sets, combining some of the slower moving products with your best sellers to help balance sales and create shelf space for the new year
  • Use our film wrap and create elegant flared hamper sets or for convenience choose our transparent lids which fit snugly onto the trays
  • or let your customers choose the products they wish to combine and offer a gift wrapping service as a valued add-on

click the links below to view the products

Hamper Tray

Transparent Lid

Shred Fill

Film Wrap

Film Wrap for hamper trays or general gift wrapping

Shred fill - handy void fill for packing attractive hamper gift sets

Transparent hamper gift box lids are ideal for a simple way to finish the gift sets neatly

If you'd like to see our poster in full size, click here...