Using Colour at Christmas

Posted by Meridian on 20th Sep 2017

Christmas is coming and we're excited!

Although it can be an incredibly busy time for us as we process three times as many orders every day than during the rest of the year, the success of our business is based on getting it right when you're also under huge pressure to stay open all hours and meet the demands of your equally frazzled customer base as they run around buying gifts.

One of the ways we try to do this is through offering extensive choice, particularly in our more versatile ranges such as ballotins, fold-up boxes and now our new cube cartons.

Although we re-stock within 7 days when we run out, time is critical at Christmas and the more choice we offer the more you can find products which will work just as well in different colour combinations.

The most popular colours at Christmas remain red, green, white, gold and silver - but have you ever looked into where our Christmas palette comes from?

An interesting piece of research at Cambridge University does just that. One rather disappointing conclusion is that red and green colours used at Christmas time may be the result of what pigments were most readily available - but the research also proposes deeper, symbolic meaning for the colours as well: marking the boundary between one year and the next. Santa Clause has been represented in both green and red,  reportedly changing his suit from green to red thanks to a marketing campaign by a notable sugared drinks brand.

Now we see reds and greens as being holly leaves and berries and the habitually festooned foliage as representing these colour traditions, as well as the metallic lustre used to represent special and exotic gifts in line with the nativity story.

Whatever your view of colour usage at Christmas, we try have everything you need right here..

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