It's here! Delighted finally to show you our new site

Posted by Adam Heath on 31st Aug 2017

Designed to Make Everything Easier

It's been a long road. We started more than two years ago when we first began to imagine how we could make our systems work together to allow us to deliver an improved service online.

Fast forward from there to now and you take in process diagrams, data control mapping, customer experience flow charts and so much more. 

Has it all been worth it? I guess you'll be the judge of that! But what we're hoping is that any minor hiccups in the transition will be easily overcome and what will be left should deliver on our determination to improve the overall process to make it easier to find what you;re looking for, easier to re-order and easier to do just about anything.

Information should be more in-depth and helpful and the look and feel should be so much slicker, no matter whether you're looking on your phone, tablet or computer.

Still Working on a Few Things

There are some minor changes still to come - for instance the facility to settle an outstanding balance has not yet been brought to life within this site.

And we're also launching a new corporate site - but for the time being you can still view our old site (except for the online shopping pages) via (which is where you'll eventually see the new corporate site as well).

Give Us Feedback

We know you'll tell us what you love and hate and please do because it makes all the difference. We're eager to know what could still be made even better.