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Important Information - posted November 2017

Posted by Adam Heath on 21st Nov 2017

Important Information  - posted November 2017

There are some things we need to tell you in this very busy time as we head towards Christmas.

We have no doubt you're working incredibly hard just like us, to ensure that wonderful products hit the shelves at just the right time for the seasonal uplift.

This is a critical time of year and we understand how important our service levels are to you being able to please your customers and make sales.

To help make sure we're communicating effectively, please note:

  • Our usual re-stocking target of 7 days has been creeping out due to incredibly tight capacity through our manufacturing
  • The effect of this will be:
    • a slight increase in out of stock ratio for the bets selling products (usually only temporary as we mostlyhave orders in progress well before we sell out)
    • a slight increase in the delay between you noting something is out of stock and us being able to get it back on shelf - instead of the normal 7 days we're running between 10 and 14 days for re-stocking currently
    • We're working to control this and will do everything possible to help
    • One way this can be done is through you looking at alternatives - if something is out of stock, click through to the product details and we offer related products - this is driven by both like-for-like colours and contrasting colours, as well as supplementary or outright alternative products
    • If you can take the next size up, mention it to us and we can consider a possible discount if you can't wait for your product
  • Details of our Christmas shut-down have been posted - this can be seen in our main navigation (the top menu) as well as by going to the following page directly: Click for Details of our Christmas shutdown period 2017

Thanks as ever for all your orders and support - we value your feedback at all times and we're always available by phone or email if you need to discuss a potential order.